Princesses vs. Villains Halloween Challenge



Are you ready for the Halloween night? Is your costume ready yet? Well, the villains of the Enchanted Forest have challenged the Disney Princesses to dress up as them! And the Princesses accepted the challenge! Can you help them? Each princess has chosen a villain character to dress up. The tricky part is that they haven't told you which villain they've chose to be! You have to guess! Do you accept the princesses's challenge? First, choose a princess and then try to match the right hair, the costume and accessories. You'll be given a hint, start with the hair and then try to figure out which villain might the princess be! Have a happy Halloween Girls! Do you think that you can guess the villain? Play this challenging new free online flash Disney princesses guessing & dress up game for girls here in to find out!


Use your mouse to dress up the princesses as villains.

How to play

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